Saturday, 1 September 2012

Miss Stardoll World


We're so excited to announce that Miss Stardoll World 2012 is here! Ever since I've joined stardoll, 3 years ago, I have loved Miss Stardoll World and the fact that we get to vote who gets through to the final. We love the winner from 2011, she really deserved it and she truely was beautiful. I also love the fact that people can promote themselves in just 4 easy steps just like my promotion here.

Help me win by voting on Stardoll xxx    
The promotions are simple and easy to do plus they also look amazing! We're also loving the MSW store, the outfits so far are trendy and chic. I'm hoping that they will bring back the MSW nail polishes this year, so far they haven't. Here is our favourite outfit from the store
The peplum hotpants are extremely in fashion right now, on the catwalk and on the highstreet. We just adore them, along with these block heel wedges which are really versatile in the fashion world. We aren't so fond of this red/pink and orange top though, the dipped neck line doesn't work well with the sleeveless design and the corset type lining is overeccessive as the peplum shorts are bold enough.

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